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Is There A New Female Peregrine at Chichester Cathedral? (posted 26 March 2014)

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Is there a new Female Peregrine at Chichester Cathedral?

Female Peregrine 2014 by David Shaw
Female Peregrine 2014 by David Shaw

Early sightings appear to suggest that there may be a new female peregrine at Chichester Cathedral this year.  From her markings it would seem that the female is a new peregrine.  The previous female, who would have been 17 this year, an almost impossible age for a pergrine, will almost certainly have died of natural causes, i.e. old age.

Up until 23 March there were two male peregrines competing for the female and the Cathedral site.  The new male is stunning.  With superb markings, he is physically handsome, very sleek, and incredibly fast.

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