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Chichester Cathedral Peregrines...

Friday 22nd April to Sunday 10th July 2016

Peregrine falcons have been nesting in the Cathedral turrets since 2001.  The first pair of falcons raised 46 chicks together between 2001 and 2013!  In 2014 two new peregrines claimed the nest site and  have successfully hatched five chicks to date.  This year, the peregrines have returned to the nest and we wait to see what this year will bring.

Free entry.  All are welcome.

You can view live video footage from the peregrines nest below.  From 22nd April until mid June you can come along and talk to the very knowledgeable RSPB volunteers in the RSPB marquee located in the garden of the Cloisters Café.  Thanks to the nest cameras visitors will be able to witness the family life of these amazing predators up close.  From mid June until 10th July visitors will be able to view the birds through telescopes located in the Cathedral grounds.



Wednesday 18th May: Our chicks have been ringed!
We have three males and a female, read all about it and see the pictures here.

Wednesday 27th April:
Four chicks for Cathedral Peregrines - click on the press release below for more information.

Tuesday 26th April:
Our chicks have started to hatch!  Keep a close eye on the webcam for further developments...



End of March - camera switched on
Mid April - eggs hatch usually over 1 - 3 days
22nd April - project opens to the public in the garden of the Cloisters Café.  Visitors can view images from the nestbox on the live webcam and use binoculars and telescopes to watch the birds flying and perching on the Cathedral turrets.
Mid to end April - eggs hatch usually over 1 - 3 days
Last week of May - chicks are ringed
Mid June to 10th July - project moves to the Cathedral Green where visitors can use binoculars and telescopes to watch the young start to learn to fly.
2nd/3rd week in June - chicks fledge and leave nest

This year will be the 16th year that Peregrines have returned to nest at the Cathedral. 

Many of the Peregrine chicks raised over the years have later been spotted at locations far and wide, click here to find out more.

The Peregrine is a large falcon and the fastest flying bird in the world, known for its spectacular aerial dives or 'stoops' in pursuit of its prey.  Dives have been known to reach up to 180km per hour.  The Cathedral peregrines do not hunt around the immediate Cathedral precincts, however, as there are too many other buildings and not enough space.

In Britain, most peregrines nest off of cliffs, including the Sussex coast between Brighton and Eastbourne, but Cathedral turrets will do!

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