David Coulthard

David Coulthard

The Communar is the senior lay administrator on the Cathedral staff. The name comes from the latin 'Communarius' meaning 'keeper of the Common Fund' and until 1973 the post was held by a clergyman.

The Communar & Executive Director, although a member of the Cathedral Chapter, is responsible to that body for financial planning; personnel matters including acting as line manager for all the lay staff; managing the property portfolio and maintenance of the Cathedral Close; coordinating the restoration of the Cathedral building and the general administration of Cathedral business. He acts as secretary to the Cathedral Council and to Chapter and sits on many of the Cathedral committees including the Finance Committee and the Fabric Advisory Committee.

He is a Board member of Cathedral Enterprises Ltd, which is a limited company set up to manage the Conference and Hospitality facilities, Cloisters Café, Shop and Box Office.

He also acts as the Clerk to the Trustees and Administrator of St Mary's Hospital, an almshouse in Chichester for which Chapter are the Trustees and he administers the Morse-Boycott Trust that exists to provide bursaries for boy choristers.

Prior to Chichester, David Coulthard worked for seven years at Salisbury Cathedral as its Marketing & Visitor Operations Director. Before joining Salisbury Cathedral, David worked for a marketing agency in London and also as the Marketing Manager for Hampshire County Council's Recreation and Heritage portfolio. David is married to Alison, and has two children, Matthew and Kate. He lives in Winchester and enjoys football, cricket, running and music.

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