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Mission, Aims and Strategic Priorities

The Mission of the Cathedral

The Cathedral Church of the Holy Trinity in Chichester exists to provide a seat for the Bishop of Chichester in order to be a centre of worship and mission.

Aims of the Cathedral Community

  • To assist the Bishop in proclaiming God's love towards the world by his sacramental, pastoral and teaching ministry.
  • To celebrate the sacraments and the daily prayer of the Church, to care for one another and to witness to God's love towards the world.
  • To allow the building to speak of God's love towards the world both in the past and in the present.

Chapter's Seven Strategic Priorities

1. Continue to establish a centre of excellence in order to provide an inspiring place of worship and proclamation.

2. Continue to provide capability to teach the Christian gospel in order to spread the word of Christ.

3. Continue to provide pastoral care and welcome for all involved in the life of the Cathedral.

4. Continue to encourage visitors and worshippers to the Cathedral to share the gospel message.

5. Continue to be an instrument and focus of unity amongst all traditions and denominations.

6. As a body corporate to be an example of godly living to everyone.

7. Husband resources effectively to sustain and renew the life of the earth and for the benefit of the community.

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