Chichester Cathedral Peregrines – Watch the Live Webcam

Since 2001 a pair of peregrine falcons have raised their new chicks on the Cathedral's Spire.  Peregrines were seen on the tower in the mid 1990’s and may well have been visiting for many hundreds of years before. They have been very successful nesting on the Cathedral and have fledged more than 60 chicks in total.

Peregrine falcons were driven to near extinction in the UK through the use of pesticides and hunters. The birds are protected by laws reinforced by European legislation known as the Nature Directives. The Chichester Cathedral site was the first in Europe to host a peregrine webcam to provide an intimate view of peregrines raising their young. 

These magnificent birds of prey can grow up to half a metre in length and have a wingspan of over a metre. They live for 15 to 18 years and are actually the fastest animals in the world, diving at speeds of just under 250 miles an hour to catch their prey. They are also incredibly agile, and have been observed flying upside down to catch food dropped by a mate.

From March until July the birds can be seen from the Cathedral grounds and everyone can follow the peregrines’ progress from a webcam installed in the nesting site on the Spire, just click on the link below.

Watch now

Photograph by David Shaw Wildlife