An Update on Giving

As the Cathedral looks forward to a staged and careful reopening, we are now permanently reviewing our cash, cheques, counting and money handling processes for the longer term.

As a result, we are assessing what that will mean for our congregation, volunteers and our visitors.

The ‘new normal’ of social distancing and a cashless society will see changes at the Cathedral and the support of all our congregation, staff and volunteers is paramount if we are to succeed in the move to new ways of working.

The risk posed by cash handling to all of us individually remains high, yet as a Cathedral we have historically relied heavily on cash as a significant part of how we receive our income in support of the mission.

Changes will not be without some upheaval for us. Hygiene concerns during COVID-19 have now added to the list of our costs that cash already represented at the Cathedral. Any form of manual handling such as cash and cheque banking already reduced the net amount that the Cathedral saw from donations.

Changes we will see:

  • It will no longer be possible to pass the plate down the aisles during services. A digital alternative will be used, with guidance offered through the Order of Service.
  • Links to different giving methods will be available in pew notes, on the website and in newsletters and further updates on the new methods will be released soon.
  • A swap from cash collection boxes for donations to ‘tap to give’ via donation points at locations around the Cathedral.
  • Cash and gift aid collection via envelopes will shortly be removed and they will no longer be collected. We kindly ask our regular members of the congregation to review giving methods and to utilise parish giving via the Stewardship committee. It is a very effective and regular way for the Cathedral to receive support and it is gift aid compliant.
  • Any donations received for the votive candles will now be via cashless and the candles will be available to collect near to a cashless donation point. Single use tapers will be available as well.