Holy Week 2021 | Reflections

The Reverend Canon Dr Roland Riem, Canon Chancellor and Vice-Dean of Winchester Cathedral, will lead a series of online reflections over the Triduum (Maundy Thursday to Easter Day).

The reflections are  based on connecting the Passion story with the poetry of R.S. Thomas and comprise music and readings by members of the Cathedral community. The reflections will be published on this webpage each day.

Download the full reflection transcript, including hymns and readings.

Reflection 1 | Maundy Thursday (From 3.00pm)

‘God is the place we go seeking’ (R S Thomas): Peter fails to see where God is as Jesus washes his feet (John 13.1-17, 31b-35).  Today's reflection explores R.S. Thomas' Via Negativa, combined with the hymn Great God, your love has called us here and a reading of John 13.1-17, 31b-35.


Reflection 2 | Good Friday, Meditation 1 (From 12.00pm)
'He prayed for love that would share his rags’ secret’ (R S Thomas): Out of love, a woman shares a costly gift with Jesus (Mark 14.1-9).  This reflection explores R.S. Thomas' Bread, combined with the hymn Take my life and let it be and a reading of Mark 14.1-9.

Reflection 3 | Good Friday, Meditation 2 (From 1.00pm)

‘I take their side in their quarrel’ (R S Thomas): The dishonest steward handles things from the point of view of his master’s debtors (Luke 16.1-8). This reflection explores R.S. Thomas' They, combined with the hymn Take my life and let it be and a reading of Luke 16.1-8.

Reflection 4 | Good Friday, Meditation 3 (From 2.00pm)

‘Lord, breathe once more on that sad mirror’ (R S Thomas): Jesus makes the fig tree a mirror of the state of Temple and nation (Matthew 21.18-22). Today's reflection explores R.S. Thomas' Judgement Day, combined with the hymn God the all-terrible and a reading of Matthew 21.18-22.

Reflection 5 | Good Friday Homily (From 5.00pm)

‘Present yourself with you need only’ (R S Thomas): in contrast to Pilate, Peter’s needs remain redeemable (John 18-19.37). This reflection explores R.S. Thomas' The Kingdom, combined with the hymn It was alone the Saviour prayed and a reading of John 18-19.37.

Reflection 6 | Easter Vigil (Easter Eve, from 6.00pm)

‘He will not come any more to our lure’ (R S Thomas): the women come to the tomb to find it empty, and Christ free (Matthew 28.1-10). Our final reflection explores R.S. Thomas' The Empty Church, combined with the hymn Safe in the shadow of the Lord and a reading of Matthew 28.1-10.