Lent Lectures 2021

Who do you say that I am? Christian Perspectives for Shaping the New Normal


Presented by Canon Dr Peter Sills.

The COVID Pandemic faces us with many challenges. The medical challenge is the most urgent, but behind it there’s a widespread sense that things can’t go on as before, from the way we value key workers to cherishing values like self-sacrifice and community that we’d rather lost sight of. We ask: What will life after Covid be like? What can we hope for? What values will shape the New Normal? Christian insights have much to offer in response to this deeper challenge, and they are explored in this series of Lent Lectures given by Canon Dr Peter Sills based on his book, Light in the Darkness: Exploring the Path of Christian Hope.

When Jesus asked the disciples pointedly, ‘And you, who do you say that I am?’ he was asking if they really understood the significance of who he was. And if, as Peter responded, he is the Messiah, then his life and teaching carry a divine authority: in Jesus we see the true shape of human life and human society. That’s what we offer to the world as it seeks to shape the New Normal. St John encapsulates the significance of Jesus in the I Am sayings, and they provide the framework for these lectures.

The Lectures will be given on Thursdays during Lent at 10.00am, followed by time for questions, ending by 11.30am. The lectures are accessed over Zoom and you can sign up for them here: https://forms.gle/Lqb8uZG5ewVjqNHT7 . Please sign up by 15th February.

Recordings will be made available afterwards on the Chichester Cathedral Learning YouTube site for those unable to join at the time.

  • February 18 True and Living Way – Walking the path of truth for people and the planet.
  • February 25 Bread of LifeEnabling justice and generosity to shape economics and society.
  • March 4 Vine and Branches – Shaping freedom and equality in a rootless world.
  • March 11 Door to Life – Opening the way to forgiveness and fullness of life.
  • March 18 Light of the World – Allowing virtue to shape character, ethics and values.
  • March 25 Good Shepherd – Responding to the challenge of reconciliation and peace.
  • April 1 Resurrection & Life – Growing in love and hope, knowing that God is with us.

Pre-Course Reading

The book: Light in the Darkness has been well received, and was featured in the Church Times during Advent. Copies may be obtained from St Olav’s Bookshop in Chichester Tel: 01243 782790 or online at Eden.

"Light in the Darkness could not be more apposite in its exploration of Christian hope as a practice shaping personal and societal living. It offers powerful perspectives the 'New Normal." Gemma Simmonds

"A real achievement. Written with a relaxed ease, it is a delight to read. This is a book for Christians to get their teeth into without feeling hampered by a lack of theological or biblical education". Dr Bridget Nichols

Canon Peter Sills trained as lawyer, and was ordained after an initial career teaching law at Kingston. He served in three parishes in south London before becoming a Canon at Ely Cathedral where he was Vice-Dean. An experienced pilgrimage leader and the author of several books, now retired he assists in the Beacon Parish of Ditchling, Streat and Westmeston.