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Exploring the Bible at Chichester Cathedral: The New Testament

Join us through the winter (and Lent) in our online exploration of the Bible as we move into the New Testament. Each session lasts one hour and participants are sent optional reading and online resources for private study to accompany their progress through course.

Led by the Cathedral’s Chancellor, the Reverend Daniel Inman, each session is a lecture with Powerpoint but with space for some questions at the end. The Old Testament course run last year had on average 70 participants from across the Diocese and beyond and everyone is very welcome. Even if you can’t participate on the day, videos are available subsequently for those who sign up. If you’d like to register for the course this term, please enter your details here:

Each session begins at 11am and lasts an hour. Details for accessing it via Zoom and other resources will be sent to participants beforehand.

25 January Session 1: Introducing the World of the New Testament

1 February Session 2: The Gospels of St Matthew and St Mark

8 February Session 3: The Gospel of St Luke and the Acts of the Apostles

Half-Term Break

22 February Session 4: The Gospel according to St John

1 March Session 5: St Paul and the Epistles

8 March Session 6: Hebrews and Revelation

Further reading:

If you would like to read something beforehand to get the brain whirring (though no expectation that this will have been undertaken) the following may be of interest:

James Dunn, Jesus According to the New Testament (Eerdmans, 2019)

Geza Vermes, Christian Beginnings (Penguin, 2012)

Gerd Thiessen, In the Shadow of the Galilean (SCM, 1992). It's rather old now but still available second-hand at a reasonable price and Jimmy Dunn prefaced an updated version. It’s a very fresh approach to the New Testament by exploring the life of a contemporary of Jesus as a novel. It's a brilliant and imaginative way to enter into the period. Highly recommend if your lockdown brain can't cope with anything too academic at the moment!

Paula Gooder, Searching for Meaning: An Introduction to Interpreting the New Testament (SPCK, 2008): a very accessible and readable introduction to New Testament studies.

Tom Wright and Marcus Borg, The Meaning of Jesus (Harper, 2007) - Tom Wright is one of the most formidable interpreters of the New Testament alive today (do search for any of his books to get going if you're not acquainted with him) but this book is interesting as it's a debate with a more liberal scholar, Marcus Borg (who died not so long ago), about the historical Jesus. It will introduce you to some of the big questions in the study of the New Testament quite helpfully.

Alternatively, you may like to read a short commentary on one of the Gospels. Tom Wright has written a very accessible series of all the NT books (for SPCK) - try Luke for Everyone or Matthew for Everyone. For a more substantial and academic tome, might I recommend Francis Moloney (The Gospel of Mark: A Commentary (Hendrickson)) or from a more Evangelical perspective R.T. France on Matthew.

Please contact St Olav's bookshop in Chichester for help in procuring items: 01243 782790.

For further information, please contact the Chancellor: or