Creative inspiration...the Cathedral as Art and Design

Children’s Art Guided Tour (60 mins)

Explore and discover the extraordinary art collection in the Cathedral from 12th century stone reliefs to 20th century painting and tapestry and the artists behind the pieces. (£3.00 per pupil)

KS1&2 Workshops

Ugly Mugs (60 mins)

Inspired by learning about the Cathedral’s gargoyles, corbels and grotesques create a small clay ‘ugly mug’.  This self- dries and can be painted later. (£3.50 per pupil)

Gorgeous Glass (60 mins)

Create a beautiful stained glass window inspired by the magnificent examples in the Cathedral, including the beautiful Chagall window.  (£3.50 per pupil)

Brass Rubbing (60 mins)

Choose from a wide range of brasses, including saints, animals, knights and noble ladies.  Learn a little of the history behind brass rubbing and their commemorative qualities. Find out about the techniques needed to create a beautiful brass rubbing and have a go. (£3.50 per pupil)

To find out more or make a booking please contact Sue in the Learning and Engagement Department on 01243 812497 or

boy and gargoyle
stained glass window
stained glass window
stained glass window