Pilgrimage experience... a journey of discovery

KS1&2 Workshops

Superhero St Richard!  (60 mins)

Working collaboratively in small groups pupils learn key aspects of the life of our very own superhero, St Richard, and explore and communicate their ideas using different drama techniques.  The workshop finishes with a visit to the shrine of St Richard in the Cathedral to help pupils develop a basic understanding of pilgrimage. We have two versions of this workshop- one suitable for KS1 pupils and one for KS2 pupils.    (£3.00 per pupil)

Pilgrimage Drama (80 mins)

Step back in time! Discover what it would have been like to be a pilgrim in medieval times. Who went on pilgrimages and why? How did they travel and where might they have come from? In costume and in role, follow the old pilgrimage route to the Shrine of St Richard in the Cathedral to offer prayers and gifts. Each pupil will receive a copy of the Prayer of St Richard.  (£4.00 per pupil)

Pilgrims’ Badges (60 mins)

Make your own medieval pilgrim’s badge, inspired by our collection, using soft metal and embossing techniques.  This workshop links well with the Pilgrimage Experience drama workshop. (£3.50 per pupil


Themed Visit idea!

You might wish to build your own Pilgrimage Experience by combining Pilgrimage Drama (80 mins), Pilgrim's Badges (60 mins) plus a session playing Nine Men's Morris (20 mins).    The latter session (£1.50 per pupil) is inspired by the original medieval boards in the cloisters.   Reduced combined rate for all three workshops of £7.50 per pupil.

To find out more or book a workshop please contact Karen in the Schools and Families team at: karen.jones@chichestercathedral.org.uk.