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Self Guided Visits

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You are welcome to visit the Cathedral without booking a Learning and Engagement Department run workshop or tour however please do let us know you are planning to visit with a group.

Booking Self Guided Visits

• Teacher/group leader supervised self–guided visits don’t require so much notice but please let us know what you are planning so we can weave your visit around services and let you know if anything unexpected comes up, like funerals.   These do happen – remember, we are a working church! 

• It is wise to book at least six weeks in advance, especially if you have a particular date in mind.   If for some reason you can’t plan so far ahead, do give us a ring and we will always try to accommodate you. 

• Unfortunately access to the Cathedral is very limited on Tuesdays so please avoid planning a visit on a Tuesday.

• Call us on 01243 812497 or email to check dates and make a preliminary booking.

• You will receive an email confirming the date and numbers visiting and advising you of any other events happening in the Cathedral during your visit.

• We do not charge for entry to the cathedral, as we believe this beautiful building should be available to all.  Donations, however, are much needed and greatly appreciated. 

• If you are including us on a programme of events, then please do contribute; not only does this support the ongoing maintenance of this historic building but it helps us to avoid admission charges too. 

• We suggest a small donation of £1.50 per student, but do not ask for anything per adult as we encourage you to bring as many adults as are needed to adequately supervise the group.  Payment may be made by cash, cheque (payable to the Dean and Chapter of Chichester Cathedral), or voucher.

• In good weather you can use the South West lawn (near the toilets and the café where staff can purchase coffee/tea to take away).

• You can book the Eastern Arm of the Cloisters (heated in winter) which will seat about seventy on stone and wooden benches, but it doesn’t have any tables. If you would like to use the Eastern Arm please let us know when you book the visit. This is free for School Friends and schools who book workshops with us.  Otherwise there is a £20 fee. Sometime we are unable to use it because of services going on just the other side of the door to the Cathedral or because it’s in use for other events!

The Shop

• The shop is delighted to welcome visitors, especially school children, however please limit the numbers to 8 at a time, accompanied by an adult.

• Please make sure the children don’t block the shop entrance.

• There are two doors to the shop and many schools operate a successful one way system.


• The toilets are just off the South West Lawn (red door) and these are also used by the general public.

• There are further toilets in the Cathedral café. There is also a disabled toilet in the public toilets.

What is expected of the staff and group leaders or parent helpers?

• The building can accommodate large groups but we ask that they are divided into smaller groups with staggered entry.

• Teachers and adult helpers should stay with their groups at all times since they remain responsible for the control and supervision of the groups at all times.  We recommend the following staff: pupil ratios as recommended by OFSTED and the NSPCC.

Age Group    Ratios**
0-2 years     1 adult : 3 children
2-3 years    1 adult: 4 children
4-8 years    1 adult : 6 children
9 – 12 years    1 adult : 8 children
13-18    years    1 adult : 10 children

You should meet your school’s supervision ratio depending on the age of the pupils and the nature of your visit.

Please remind children to be quiet, and to move around respectfully as this is a place of prayer.

Booking Guidelines and Supporting Documents

Further Information to Prepare for Your Visit

There is lots of information about the role of the Cathedral, it’s history and art on our web pages:

About Us

For primary school groups, we offer a variety of trails that you can use for a self-led visit:

Trails and Resources

Whilst we would strongly recommend you book a tour of the Cathedral with a Cathedral guide, if you choose to deliver a self-guided tour, whilst planning your visit please be aware of recent news about Bishop George Bell first publicised in October 2015- follow this link for more information.

Statement on the Rt. Revd George Bell (1883 -1958)
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