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BBC Sussex Radio Report on the 'Stations of The Holocaust' Exhibition at Chichester Cathedral (posted 31 March 2017)

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BBC Sussex Radio Report on 'Stations of the Holocaust' Exhibition at Chichester Cathedral

A very powerful and moving exhibition of something that should never be forgotten. An extraordinary piece of art (Visitors Book)
Stations of the Holocaust by Jean Lamb
Stations of the Holocaust by Jean Lamb

'Stations of the Holocaust' by the artist and priest Jean Lamb is generating a powerful response from the Cathedral's visitors.  This unusual and striking exhibition, which runs until 17th April 2017, is comprised of 'fourteen stations', or artworks, which have been carved from one large elm log, cast and then painted.  In this exhibition Jean draws from the Christian tradition of 'Stations of the Cross' where each of the fourteen stations illustrate a different aspect of the final hours of Jesus' life.  However Jean's artworks also produce something powerfully new - into each piece Jean has also carved an arresting image from the Jewish Holocaust, showing the Jewish people as they were forced into ghettos, tortured and executed.

The exhibition has received a significant amount of interest from local media with the BBC featuring an interview with the artist Jean Lamb on the BBC Sussex Drive Time radio show last week.  This was followed by Simon Jenkins from BBC Sussex Radio visiting the exhibition to record his own reaction to the Stations and also to record the reactions and thoughts of some of the Cathedral's visitors.  This was all broadcast, together with another interview with Jean, on last Sunday's Breakfast Show (26th March 2017). 

The coverage on BBC iPlayer is in two separate segments - the first starts at 00:41:22 and ends 00:52:33 and the the report by Simon Jenkins starts at 02:50:24 and ends at 02:54:38.  Click here to listen.

To find out more about the 'Sations of the Holocaust' exhibition click here.

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