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Chichester Cathedral Peregrine Chicks Delight With First Flights (posted 4 July 2014)

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Chichester Cathedral peregrine chicks delight with first flights as project nears its end...

Peregrine Chick rescused by Graham Roberts
Peregrine Chick rescued by Graham Roberts

Six weeks to the day since hatching the young male bird, which carries an identification ring with the number 60 on its leg, bravely launched himself from the nest and managed to reach one of the Cathedral's turrets.

Lauren Terry from the RSPB said: "We suspected he'd be the first to fly.  He's been a lot more active and curious than his sister.  He'd spent the previous week strengthening his flight muscles with wing flapping, jumping on top of the nest box and even sitting on the edge of the turret castellations."

Lauren continued: "After the initial buzz of witnessing the male chick's maiden flight, both the project staff and the chick came down to earth with a bump, he crashed landed on the cathedral green.  Thankfully he was fine and Graham Roberts from Sussex Ornithological Society, the licensed handler who rings the Chichester Cathedral peregrines, was on hand to return the young bird to the nest with just his pride bruised.

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