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Chichester Cathedral uses Drone to Survey Cathedral Spire (posted 24 February 2016)

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Survey of Cathedral Spire carried out by Drone...

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

For the first time in its history Chichester Cathedral  has used an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, more commonly known as a drone, to carry out a survey on the spire of the Cathedral. 

In October 2014 the spire suffered a direct lightning strike making it necessary to carry out a close inspection of the stonework to check for damage.  The cost of employing the services of a drone helped to save costs for the Cathedral.

The drone is remote controlled from the ground by highly qualified operators and is equipped with a powerful camera which delivers high resolution photographs or video which can be studied in real time or later in detail on any computer.

The Cathedral took advantage of this exercise to capture a piece of videography allowing us to view the Cathedral, its precincts, and surrounding area from a unique perspective.  Click on the video footage below to enjoy the view!

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