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Chichester Foodbank (posted 28 February 2013)

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Chichester Foodbank launched at Chichester Cathedral

Picture: Chichester Foodbank Logo
Chichester Foodbank

UK Foodbanks were started by The Trussell Trust in 2004.  The first foodbank was organised by the founder of the Trust in Salisbury in his garden shed and garage, providing three days of emergency food to local people in crisis.  In 2004 the UK foodbank network was launched teaching churches and communities nationwide how to start their own foodbank.  Please click here for more information on the Trussell Trust and UK foodbanks.

After months of planning the Chichester Foodbank was launched in Chichester Cathedral on 8th September 2012.  Chris Mould, the executive chairman of the Trussell Trust, was the keynote speaker.  He commended the number of churches involved in the Chichester project, 21, so far.

There are many volunteers from the Cathedral involved including two on the project team, working in the warehouse and distribution centre.  The Cathedral has two food collection points, one located in the Cathedral reception, in the Royal Chantry offices, and one just inside the main entrance of the Cathedral.  Donations of dry goods and tins are gratefully received.

Over recent months the Trussell Trust has received a lot of publicity.  Price rises in rent, food and power; lack of employment, and some people unable to pay their bills even when in work, has meant a sharp increase in people needing Foodbanks.  When benefit cuts begin in April the numbers needing help will rise dramatically.

Having made a good start the volunteers from the Chichester Foodbank hope that the people in Chichester can feel a sense of security that they will not go hungry in these difficult time.

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