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New Stairway to The Spire (posted 3 September 2014)

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New Stairway to the Spire at Chichester Cathedral...

Ladder Spires Restoration Project 1
Replacement of Spire Ladders

A challenging project is currently taking place at Chichester Cathedral.  Tarrants Steeplejacks have undertaken the complicated task of replacing the ladders and platforms inside the Cathedral's spire.

Inside the spire are 6 aluminium ladders and 5 Deal timber platforms which give access to the full height of the spire so that periodic inspection for degradation to the stonework can take place.  The existing ladders and platforms are no longer fit for purpose and the task to replace the ladders with 6 new galvanised steel ones and 5 new oak platforms is currently taking place.  The project is being overseen by the Cathedral's Surveyor of the Fabric Colin Kerr.

The first task was to erect a loading platform on the north side of the base of the spire over the parapet wall.  Once this was in place Tarrants Steeplejacks ran a wire pulley from the platform to the north green by the Bell Tower.  This wire is being used to transport the new ladders and platform up to the base of the spire and to bring the old ladders and platforms down.

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