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Veritasse Artisans Exhibit at Cathedral...

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'A Brush with the Almighty...'  Veritasse Artisans Exhibit at Chichester Cathedral...

Picture: Jesusa Christa
Jesusa Christa

Chichester Cathedral is currently hosting an exhibition by a group of Veritasse Artisans in its North Transept.  The exhibition is titled 'A Brush with the Almighty'... and will be on display until Wednesday 17th June.  Veritasse are a group of Christian artists who express their faith through their art and some 43 artworks are on display by 14 artists.   The Cathedral is open every day from 7.15am until 7.00pm and entry is free; all are welcome.

Sue Newham, Veritasse coordinator, says the exhibition 'reflects the awe and gratefulness with which the artists view their relationship with God, who is the inspiration for their artwork.  Many of the works on display have overtly Christian themes.  Others point towards the spiritual aspects of everyday life.'

One of the artworks on display is 'Jesusa Christa' featured on this page.  It shows a female Christ on the cross, Nimmi explains: ' I have often wondered how history would have changed if Jesus had come to earth as a woman...'

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