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Four Peregrines Eggs Laid On Chichester Cathedral...

Picture: Ringing of Peregrine Chicks 2011
Ringing of Peregrine Chicks 2011

NEWS UPDATE (15 June 2011).  Fourth Peregrine Chick Finally Takes Off.
All four of the Peregrine chicks nesting on Chichester Cathedral have taken to the skies after a slow start for the youngest female. 

Onlookers at the Cathedral were thrilled to have been able to watch as the fourth Peregrine finally fledged at midday on Monday 13 June.  The youngest falcon had spent several days flapping her wings on the edge of a turret before making her first flight on Monday.

NEWS UPDATE (7 June 2011).  First Peregrine Chick Takes Flight.
This morning a young male Peregrine Falcon was the first of this year's brood to take flight.  The six-week-old bird was seen taking short, tentative flights from the north-west side of the building shortly after 9 o'clock this morning.

Pete Harrison, project organiser, said, "We realised something was happening when we saw one of the adult Peregrines flying low around the building first thing this morning. 

Then we caught sight of one of the juvenile birds in the air, and it became clear that the adult was keeping a watchful eye on him while he tested his wings.  He would take off from a ledge on the western-most end of the Cathedral, make small, tentative circles, and then return to the ledge with an awkward landing.  Then he would do a bit of preening and try again.

Within about half an hour he had finished making these mini launch attempts and was already circling the building like a pro."

*STOP PRESS* Countryfile have been to film the Peregrine family and this will be broadcast on Sunday 22nd May, 7pm, BBC One.

NEWS UPDATE (18 May 2011).
The four peregrine chicks have recently been ringed.  This year we have two males and two females.

NEWS UPDATE (4 May 2011).
All four chicks have now safely hatched.

NEWS UPDATE (27 April 2011). 
The first Peregrine Falcon chick of the year for Chichester Cathedral appeared yesterday after several days of anticipation amongst fans... click here for more information.

The famous pair of Peregrine Falcons at Chichester Cathedral laid four eggs between 21 and 26 March 2011.  This is the 11th year in a row the city's celebrity birds of prey have bred on top of the Cathedral and they have already raised 34 chicks together.

From Wednesday 13th April the RSPB will be based at the Cathedral for its Date with Nature project, offering visitors a rare chance to watch the birds at close range without disturbing them.  Visitors will be able to view images from the nest, and use binoculars and telescopes to watch the birds flying and perching on the pinnacles and turrets of the Cathedral.

At first, the project will be based at the Cloisters Café.  At the end of May, when the young start to learn to fly, the RSPB will move out to the Cathedral Green, in front of the Cathedral.  The project runs until 10th July, and entrance to the Cathedral and use of the viewing equipment are free of charge.

Pete Harrison of the RSPB south east, said, "This pair have been incredibly successful so far, and I've got my fingers crossed for another four healthy chicks this year, but we'll just have to wait and see.  Right now they're taking it in turns to sit on the eggs.  The female does most of the incubating, but the male is trying to do his bit this year, too.  He seems a bit awkward as he tries to wiggle himself into the right position."

Incubation takes about 28 - 33 days, meaning visitors could see chicks hatching in the first two weeks of this project.

Click here to view the RSPB Facebook Page

Click here to view the RSPB live webcam of the Cathedral Peregrines

From Wednesday 13th April: View the nest through a live webcam link in the RSPB marquee located off of the Cloisters Café.

From Tuesday 31st May - Sunday 10th July:  The RSPB marquee will move to the Cathedral Green, in front of the Cathedral.

Picture: Fledgling Chick
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