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'Stations of the Holocaust' An Exhibition by Jean Lamb

Wednesday 1st March to Monday 17 April 2017

Incredibly moving. A powerful exhibition that will stay with me for a long time (Visitors Book)
Detail from the Stations of the Holocaust
Detail from the Stations of the Holocaust

In the Cathedral's North Transept. 

Open daily with free entry.

'The Stations of the Holocaust' by artist Jean Lamb is a thought-provoking exhibition comprising of 14 'stations' or pieces of art which have been carved out of elm wood, cast and then painted.  Each one illustrates part of the story of Jesus' life from the time of his trial to the time of his burial; within each piece is also carved an image from the Holocaust showing the Jewish people as they were forced into ghettos, humiliated, tortured and executed.  Jean carved a 'station' during Lent each year from 1999 after visiting Auschwitz in 1997.  The idea to set the last hours of Jesus' life alongside those of the Jewish people who suffered during the Nazi regime, came to Jean after years of consideration.

Visually stunning and emotionally poignant (Visitors Book)
Detail from the Stations of the Holocaust
Detail from the Stations of the Holocaust

Jean spent her childhood listening to her parents personal stories about the Second World War.  Her mother was born in Pomerania, Germany in 1926.  Her family moved to Berlin in 1935, surviving Allied bombings and Russian occupation.  Her father was born and brought up in London where a bomb exploded on his family home in 1941 and he survived the many Doodle Bug flying bombs of 1944.  Jean's heritage propelled her, from a young age, to think about the consequences of the Second World War for both England and Germany and what the Holocaust has meant for the Jewish people.

Jean carved one 'station' per year from 1999 beginning on Ash Wednesday throughout Lent.  On average, each 'station' took five months to complete.  Jean fasted and prayed during the carving and read books about the Holocaust.  The readings, often of individual accounts of survivors, spurred Jean to seek justice through art with her faith.

Jean Lamb at work
Jean Lamb at work

The elm log from which the 'stations' were carved was retrieved from a Lincolnshire field in 1996.  The 'stations' in the exhibition are casts of the originals, made in silicone moulds with jesmonite plaster.  They were painted in oil with genuine turpentine between 2014 and 2015.

Jean is a professional artist and associate priest in the Church of England with over 30 years experience of making art.  She graduated from Reading University in 1979, specialising in Fine Art (BA Hons).  She then continued her studies in Theology, obtaining an Oxford Certificate in Theology from St Stephen's House in 1984.  Jean is motivated by her faith to express the love of God through art.  The 'stations' were carved with prayer and devotion to the Jewish people who perished at the hands of the Nazis and their Allies.

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