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Year of the Bible - Cathedral Events

Throughout the Diocese of Chichester 2017 is to be marked as 'Year of the Bible'.  A special programme of events will take place at the Cathedral and throughout the Diocese. 

At a recent study day for A Level students held at the Cathedral, Hannah Strommen, Senior Lecturer in Biblical Studies at Chichester University said 'The Bible is everywhere; and the Bible is nowhere'.  Dr Strommen talked about the way in which the Biblical story is present in popular culture both explicitly in the films, songs and art and implicitly in oblique references in advertisements and slogans.  But Dr Strommen also pointed out that, although the Bible is everywhere, there is general surprise if it is suggested that ordinary people might want to read the Bible.  In secular Britain, in the context of a multi-faith society, the Bible is nowhere: the dominant theme in our culture is that no one reads the Bible or knows what is in it.

For many Christians reading the Bible carefully and prayerfully has been transformative.  So, in this Year of the Bible why not join us at one of the Cathedral events listed below:

Saturday 4th November:  1.30pm - 5.00pm.  Cathedral Study Day: Troublesome Texts: Exploring Different Parts of the Bible from The Song of Songs to the Book of Revelation.  With a number of speakers including Professor Steve Moyise and Professor James Dunn.  Click here for more information.

Saturday 25th November: 7.15pm  The Gospel According to Mark - an outstanding new film that is part of the Lumo Project (which has produced a film of each Gospel, with authentic locations and actors, to the highest production standards).  Mark's Gospel is the 'Gospel of the Year' for the church beginning on Advent Sunday, 3 December 2017.  Click here for more information.

Click here to visit the Diocese of Chichester Year of the Bible Events.

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