The Prebendal School

The Prebendal is located next to the Cathedral in the centre of this beautiful and historic city. This unique link with the Cathedral ensures that the pupils have unrivalled performing opportunities and one of the grandest assembly spaces around!  The school is known for its small class sizes, academic rigour, competitive sport, musical accomplishments, and the perfect blend of opportunity and ambition set in a challenging and nurturing environment.

The Prebendal has a notable part to play in the history books - it is the oldest school in Sussex, probably dating back to the foundation of the Cathedral itself in the 11th century. The Cathedral’s world-class choristers also live and learn at The Prebendal.

Coupled with its historic roots, the school is equally proud of its modern-day curriculum and flexibility. It supports the needs of busy families by providing an extended day, from Breakfast Club through to Supper Club, and flexi boarding has increased in popularity.

The Prebendal Nursery continues to inspire the younger children who are quickly developing their passion for learning. The abundance of city attractions on the doorstep, 'Beach School' and The Prebendal's spacious playing fields next to the Bishop's Palace Gardens, all provide perfect opportunities for further outdoor learning and encouraging young active imaginations.

The Prebendal is a way of life – where families come together, and where children are encouraged to believe in themselves.

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