Reverend Dr Dan Inman

Reverend Canon Dr Dan Inman

Canon Daniel Inman is the Precentor of Chichester Cathedral. In this role, he has a particular responsibility for fulfilling Chapter's 'first and supreme aim…to give continuous witness to the things unseen and eternal, and to offer continuous and reverent worship to Almighty God’ (Bishop George Bell’s Visitation Charge, 4 November 1948). As such, he has oversight of the Liturgy and Music team at the Cathedral. Canon Inman has a particular interest in integrating art in worship and, with the artists Aidan Hart, Martin Earle and James Blackstone, has been working to establish the Chichester Workshop for Liturgical Art, which seeks to establish in Chichester an international centre for the production, teaching, and theological engagement with, liturgical art. 

Alongside this, Canon Inman has oversight of adult education in the Cathedral. He is a Governor and a Visiting Fellow of the University of Chichester, where he lectures, and is senior editor of the International Journal for the Study of the Christian Church (Taylor & Francis). Before coming to the Cathedral in 2019, Dr Inman was the Director of Ordinands in the Diocese of Chichester, prior to which he was Chaplain and Junior Research Fellow at The Queen’s College, Oxford. Dr Inman is a church historian and is the author of The Making of Modern English Theology: God and the Academy at Oxford, 1833-1945 (Fortress Press, 2014) and is currently writing a study on the Church of England's relationship to Britain's empire from 1688 to the late twentieth century.