Chichester Cathedral Tour: Memorials in Metal

Stone monuments to memorials in metal - the story of some of Chichester Cathedral's monuments.


Early Christian gravestones were flat, coped or headstones. Three dimensional effigies as part of a memorial tomb made their first appearance in England in the 13th century. Often these became badly worn, damaged or vandalised and they took up a lot of space.

As a result of this brasses, flat, easier to transport and more durable became popular. The brass plates came from the Continent and Schools of Engravers were set up in this country.

On this tour you will see early gravestones, damaged 3D effigies and indents where once there were brasses. You will learn how they were made and who and what they depicted.

At the end of the tour there will be an opportunity to rub a replica brass (£3.00 charge).

The tour will start with coffee in the Alexandra Room. The Alexandra Room is accessed through the Cloisters Café.