Darkness Into Light

Darkness Into Light is an exhibition of multi-layered, meditative artworks by Artist Michèle Griffiths which will be on display at Chichester Cathedral from 23rd June 2021.

The collection explores the possibility of hope in dark times: the triumph of light over darkness. The pieces, which Griffiths calls “Wall Fragments”, are in plaster and are highly textured with marks scored into the surface to replicate the aged graffiti that can be seen in the ancient walls of the Cathedral.

“Copying and inscribing these marks, I imagine the hands that first made them, so long ago. It’s like touching the past. Many of the crosses were made by pilgrims to venerate St. Richard. Some are more playful and random, like doodles; others tell of individuals who, like ordinary people the world over, from time immemorial, consciously want to record their presence in a particular place.”

Michèle Griffiths

Following a career teaching French and German Language and Literature, Michèle Griffiths began her creative education at Putney School of Art, and shortly after gained a place at Wimbledon School of Art (1992-95), training under Michael Ginsborg and the eminent painter Prunella Clough.

Griffiths has exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, the Discerning Eye at the Mall Galleries and she was invited to participate in the Florence Biennale (2019). She has completed a major commission for P&O’s flagship cruise liner, Britannia, and sells to a number of collectors world-wide.

Darkness Into Light will be shown at Chichester Cathedral from 23rd June to 8th August 2021.