Lecture Series | The Spiritual Senses & the Liturgical Arts

We are delighted to present a series of lectures to be given by Dr James Blackstone, accompanying the residency, The Art of Worship

The Spiritual Senses in Tradition

Tuesday 1st February, 7.00pm
Interest in the spiritual senses is fresh and growing, but the subject is not new. This lecture will explore selected approaches to the spiritual senses taken within Christian tradition. We’ll be asking: What are the spiritual senses? How do these spiritual senses relate to our physical senses? What kind of experiences are they? There’ll be a focus, within Scripture, on the Song of Songs in particular.

The Spiritual Senses and Making

Tuesday 8th February, 7.00pm, Vicars' Hall, Chichester
This lecture will attempt to show how the spiritual senses can shape artistic forms. To this end, we’ll investigate the processes and disciplines involved in making these forms: How does the liturgical artist approach their work? What are the artist’s prime sources and reference points? There’ll be consideration, too, of what is shared by the liturgical artist and all Christians.

The Spiritual Senses as Transformation

Tuesday 15th February, 7.00pm
The focus for the final lecture will turn to the intended effects of liturgical art. We’ll explore how a Church environment can stimulate the spiritual senses.  We will observe how this happens through a variety of complementary means that build towards a total effect. In this context, the spiritual senses register the transformation of the whole person in a renewed cosmos.

Prior booking is essential. Spaces are free, donations are welcome. 

Please note that this lecture series will be recorded, and made available shortly after the event.

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Cover Image: Fresco in the Church of the Transfiguration of Christ, Novgorod