Online Course │ Fresh Thinking

The lockdown has been provoking many people to think more deeply about life and death, the purpose and value of our own lives, what hope might mean and how we find meaning in suffering.



This series of five sessions is an opportunity, via Zoom, for us to have a crack at some of the big questions that might be bubbling beneath the surface for many of us. Over five sessions we will explore five questions:

  1. What (or who) do we mean by God? 
  2. Can we find meaning in our suffering? 
  3. What does a healthy spiritual life look like? 
  4. What can we hope for? 
  5. Can the Church be trusted? 

Each Zoom session will last roughly an hour (each Thursday morning at 11.00am, beginning on 14 May 2020) and will begin with a twenty-five minute introduction to the topic from Canon Dan Inman, the Cathedral Chancellor, during which people can send in questions as they arise, before a more open discussion among all participants (for those who wish to remain). 

Some reading material and other resources will be provided before each session via the Diocesan Virtual Learning Environment, to which participants will be given access.

Instructions will also be given on how to access Zoom (the streaming program) for the technophobic.

People who would like to participate should send their names to and can expect to hear further instructions a week in advance of the first session.

For more informal questions about the course, please contact Canon Dan: