Prebendal School Year 8 Scholars Recital

All are welcome to attend this free lunchtime performance by Year 8 Prebendal School students with scholarships to secondary education. Featuring as part of the 2019 Festival of Chichester.

The Prebendal School has developed an impressive reputation as a centre for musical excellence – music for all is the School’s guiding philosophy and it can be heard throughout the School from dawn until dusk. 

Approximately 95% of the School’s pupils play one musical instrument or more and the School buzzes with enthusiasm and commitment as the children make the most of their opportunities. Every child receives specialist musical education and there is an emphasis on practical music-making across every year group.

The School’s Music Department (consisting of Director of Music, Assistant Director of Music and a team of outstanding specialist music teachers) cultivate and nurture the musical talent of every pupil.