The Cathedral Close

The 16th century gateway into the Cathedral’s Historic Quarter from South Street has a double entrance that grants you access into Canon Lane. Beyond this stone entrance, Canon Lane runs straight to the opposite gateway, and into the Bishop’s Palace and gardens, at the west end.

Paths leading off from the northern side of Vicars’ Close join up to the Cathedral Cloisters.

The westerly path is ‘St Richard’s Walk’, giving a fine view of the Deanery. This house was built in 1725, replacing the previous Deanery which was damaged in the English Civil War of 1642.

The easterly path is the Vicars’ Close, with a terrace of four houses created out of the twelve which were once the homes of the vicars’ choral. Originally there was another row opposite, but these were turned into shops facing out into South Street in 1825. Also here, at the top of Vicars’ Close, stands Vicars’ Hall, a useful meeting place for Cathedral and community functions, which is also available for private hire.

The Deanery
St. Richard's Walk
Vicars' Close
The Deanery
Canon Lane