Ian Marlow

Rising Together by Ian Marlow

Rising Together & Rising from Chaos
Stainless steel, laminated toughened glass, Corten steel

The two sculptures are a reaction to the effects of the last two years. Rising Together not only reflects the members of the group supporting each other but also the way people throughout the country - and the world as a whole - worked together to find a way out of the crisis that affected us all.

Rising from Chaos looks to the very disruption and uncertainty that the pandemic created. The pandemic, however, is not the only thing that disrupts the natural order that we require for a peaceful life. War, famine, disasters, illness, poverty, homelessness etc., (the list is endless), all create a maelstrom that sends our lives into a chaotic spiral. Rising from Chaos embodies both the turbulence such events cause and the eventual escape from it that is necessary for normal life to resume.

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Ian specialises in dynamic artworks from stainless steel, glass and bronze. With inspiration drawn from nature, Ian creates artworks that sit comfortably within any setting from formal gardens to minimalist urban landscapes.

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