Kate Parsons

Vessels II by Kate Parsons

Vessels II & Vessels III
Wax, Wood & Clear Glass, light box

Vessels II works on a symbolic level, the meaning in the work being as important as its execution. Vessels II represents people in lockdown and how they interacted with each other, distanced, vulnerable, isolated, huddled together and communicating by any means. The form is both female (container) and male (phallic) balanced on this fragile wooden structure, on different levels. The art practice combines anthropology and sculpture, having carried out research into African traditional religious practices in the field. In Christian religion wax has been equated with sacrifice as it melts away and in another sense this medium is sustainable in that it can re-melted to form new work.

Vessels III are made of clear glass, transparent, fragile, and filled with water reminded me of the body and its vulnerable nature, both physically and mentally. Emphasised by the play of light and shadow these vessels reflect, glass and water, as mediums, symbolise a spiritual dimension and resilience.

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Kate's practice is an amalgamation of art and anthropology. She uses cross-cultural symbolism to reflect themes of mortality and the human life cycle. Her work is process-led, using the inherent properties of materials to enhance the meaning.

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