As part of a range of new learning opportunities in the Cathedral coming this summer and autumn, we are pleased to announce the introduction of ‘KALEO’ (from the Greek, ‘I call’) – a new network of small groups that aims to provide opportunities to encounter grace through explorations in international art in conversation with the Bible.

This first season of KALEO will focus on the art of the saints, exploring images of St Thechla, St Paraskava and St Olav (among others).

Meetings will begin on Tuesday 22nd June at 10.00am and Thursday 24th June at 7.00pm (6.00pm for a light meal) and will run through to Christmas.

The autumn course will include sessions featuring:
  • Laura Garrity-Arquitt, ‘Reading Russian Icons’ (The Russian Icon Museum, Clinton, Massachusetts)
  • Canon Christopher Irvine,  ‘Interpreting Christian Art’ (International author and lecturer)
  • Laura Garrity-Arquitt, ‘Russian liturgical-icon calendars’ (The Russian Icon Museum, Clinton, Massachusetts)

Organised by Ian Shrives, David Norris and supported by the Cathedral's Chancellor, it is hoped this will provide a positive new way for people in the Cathedral community and beyond to encounter God through the arts.

Please note that meeting formats may be adjusted, adapting to changing guidance in response to COVID-19.