Chichester Cathedral Platinum Endowment Trust for Music

Protecting our choral music tradition for future generations

Music is central to the life and worship of Chichester Cathedral. The choir, which has long been renowned for the excellence of its singing, is a significant cultural asset whose work is admired here and around the world. Maintaining a choral foundation of this quality is an expensive exercise, one that is challenged by the ongoing financial headwinds that began with the Covid-19 pandemic. 

To meet this challenge, and to secure the future of our choir, we have launched the Chichester Cathedral Platinum Endowment Trust for Music*. With an initial target of £5 million, this fund will produce a reliable income and ensure that future generations will continue to experience the transforming power of music, which is such a cornerstone of our Christian witness. 

The wonderful music at Chichester Cathedral can help us connect with the presence of God.

The Duchess of Richmond and Gordon, Patron

The generosity of our many friends and supporters is such that we already have £2 million to invest as a starting fund. We invite you to share your love of music here at Chichester Cathedral, both now and for the future, by making a gift to Chichester Cathedral Platinum Endowment Trust for Music.

Ways that you can give:

1) Single gift

2) Set up a regular monthly or annual gift

3) Pledge a gift in your Will

How you can give:

You can make a single donation online via the link above, or print the Giving Form below if you would prefer to send a cheque or Charity Voucher.

If you would like to make a regular donation or would like to discuss your donation please contact Alison George, Director of Fundraising.

Download our brochure and Giving Form

T: 01243 812480

*Chichester Cathedral Restoration & Development Trust CIO (Charity no. 1156729) is the
corporate trustee for Chichester Cathedral Platinum Endowment Trust for Music, all funds and
income are managed as a separate legal entity.