Why you should visit Chichester Cathedral, according to AI chatbot

29th Mar 2023
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Chichester Cathedral was named number one in 'The best things to do in Chichester in 24 hours' in a Sussex World article written using artificial intelligence technology (AI).

Over recent months we've seen a rise in the use of AI, so we thought we should see for ourselves exactly what AI thinks the best parts are about the Cathedral, asking ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence chatbot, 'Why Should I Visit Chichester Cathedral?'.


1) History:

Chichester Cathedral dates back to the 11th century and has a rich history spanning over 900 years. The Cathedral has witnessed many significant events and changes in British history, and is a testament to the country's cultural and religious heritage.

Lambert Barnard panel


2) Architecture:

The Cathedral boasts stunning medieval and gothic architecture, with soaring spires, intricate stonework, and beautiful stained-glass windows. The Cathedral's architectural features are a marvel to behold, and visitors can spend hours exploring the intricate details and designs.



3) Art:

The Cathedral houses an impressive collection of art, including a tapestry by the famous artist John Piper, and several other pieces of historic and contemporary art.

High Altar, Piper tapestry


5) Music:

Chichester Cathedral is known for its exceptional music programme and is home to a renowned choir. Visitors can attend a variety of concerts and performances throughout the year, including the annual Festival of Chichester.

Choir sings in the Quire


6) Peace and serenity:

The Cathedral offers a peaceful and serene atmosphere, with quiet corners for reflection and meditation. Visitors can sit and admire the beauty of the Cathedral, or attend a service to experience the spiritual side of the historic landmark.

Lady Chapel

The AI chatbot ended with, 'Overall, Chichester Cathedral is a must-visit destination for history buffs, art enthusiasts, music lovers, and anyone looking for a peaceful and serene experience in the heart of a beautiful city' and we couldn't agree more!

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29th Mar 2023
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