Rebecca Newnham

Quercus by Rebecca Newnham

Glass skin, steel, fibreglass structure

Quercus was created in 2008 and reworked in 2021, following a visit to an ancient yew forest, where trees formed a natural, cathedral like sanctuary. The pandemic was a time of uncertainty and feeling supported by a group of like minds was an important aspect of my personal resilience. Quercus uses golden section proportions to reflect the characteristically lobed oak leaf; these proportions are evident in architectural façades of the cathedral. In Together We Rise, Quercus is situated to the Southwest, on the grass, in homage to the natural world which we must respect to successfully perpetuate on this planet. Listen to the audio below to hear more from Rebecca:

The sculpture was created following a residency at the Hillier Gardens and is about golden section and Fibonacci proportions of the characteristic lobed oak leaf, which is fundamental to the oak and separates the tree from other species.

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