Roger Stephens

Hooray by Roger Stephens

Impact of Uncontrollable Forces: Impact, Foggled, Hooray
Multiple materials

Impact: From the very beginning of the pandemic, there was so much uncertainty; what, how, and why was this virus spreading so fast and so easily? We were all fearful of the impact to ourselves, our family, and friends, that we found it hard to comprehend what was happening. If contracted, there was a very real probability of death, especially for those who were old and those with underlying medical problems.

Foggled: During the following periods of lockdown, people were suffering in various degrees of isolation that for some, turned into serious mental anguish. We were stressed and our brains became unable to programme the unfolding and ongoing implications of the virus.

Hooray: We are jubilant to be at the end of lockdown, even if it comes with some caveats. We can at last burst free from all constraints and leave behind the dark days of the last two years, to connect again with friends and family and hopefully resume our lives and look forward to a future free from the threat of the dreaded virus.

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Roger works mainly in stone, from soft alabaster through to hard granite with some pieces in bronze and occasionally incorporating found objects.

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