Creative volunteer roles

Chichester Cathedral presents creative volunteer opportunities rooted in tradition.

Contribute to the longstanding practice of bell ringing, engage in flower arranging to craft vibrant displays within our sacred spaces. Explore the art of embroidery and working collaboratively. Join us in these hands-on roles, bridging creativity and heritage at Chichester Cathedral.


Explore our creative roles

Flower Arranger

Showcase your artistic flare by creating flower arrangements in accordance with the liturgical calendar, reflecting the themes of each season, feast day or special worship event. Some basic skills and knowledge of flower arranging is desirable but training will be given. We ask that you are enthusiastic and happy to work as part of a team!

flower arranger team role description

Seffrid Guild

Join our dedicated Cathedral embroiderers, known as the 'Seffrid Guild’, who collaboratively work on embroidery projects for or related to Chichester Cathedral. The standard of work is high and volunteers should have reasonable skills already although ‘on the job’ training is also given! If you are looking to start embroidery as a new hobby then feel free to contact us, the Seffrid Guild will be very happy to advise.  

Seffrid Guild role description

Bell Ringers

If you are bored of the quiet life and need to ring the changes - have you considered bell-ringing? It’s good fun and great exercise for the mind and body, as well as being a fantastic way to make new friends. We’re always on the look-out for budding bell ringers of any age so if you’d like to give it a go, are free on Wednesday evenings and reasonably fit then we’d love to hear from you at: We’re sure you’ll have a great chime!

Bell Ringer role description

A woman  places white flowers in a floral display bucket
A woman embroiders blue thread for a kneeler
Two men prepare to pull on a long rope which rings the Cathedral bells
A woman sits in front of blue thread weaving through a needle, creating an embroidered piece
A woman  places red flowers in a floral display bucket
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