William Lasdun

Moros by William Lasdun

Printed polyester

This artwork evolved through lockdown and was shaped by William's feelings about the state of the world. Back then the image seemed to him apocalyptic, an intimation of doom and catastrophe. Now he sees an element of hope, or at least dark rejoicing in it too; as if the end of something old might also be the beginning of something new…

Listen to the audio below to hear more from William:

The image is overlaid with text focused on subjects such as war, conflict and civilian casualties, hunger, malnutrition, and the global refugee crisis. Ethnic cleansing, land mine victims, human rights, and social justice; poverty, inequality, and the looming climate catastrophe. It refers to the growing numbers of prisoners of conscience, the oppression and atrocious treatment of minority groups, enslavement and child labour, exploitation of women and children, fake news and lying politicians and the general breakdown of world order. It addresses animal extinctions, irresponsible fishing practices and the growing desertification of land and flags up the global threat of sea level rise. It refers also to the growth of pandemics and diseases.

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