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Sightings of Peregrines from Chichester Cathedral

Picture: Peregrine by Graham Roberts
Peregrine by Graham Roberts

Many of the Peregrine chicks raised over the years at Chichester Cathedral have been spotted at locations far and wide.  All 38 of the chicks raised in the nestbox at the Cathedral have been colour-ringed.  This is part of a study into their dispersal, survival rates and whether young from urban sites establish their own territories in urban areas to breed on artificial sites.

The fortunes of a number of these colour-ringed offspring have been followed.  Most have dispersed within south-east England where some are now breeding.  A couple of examples of these are detailed below:

Colour ring Back 04.  Male.  Ringed as a chick on 1.6.02.  Observed at a site in Essex since 2004.  Bred successfully in 2007, 2008 & 2011.

Colour ring Black 20.  Male.  Ringed as a chick on 23.5.07.  Rescued from the ground during a severe storm at Goodwood, near Chichester on 9.3.08.  During November & December 2008, reported roosting on "Our Lady and The English Martyrs" Roman Catholic Church, Cambridge.  Further sightings around Cambridge during March & May 2009.  Sadly, he flew into wires at Longstanton, near Cambridge on 10.5.09 and died in care.

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