Harmony in Numbers: Reflecting on a Remarkable Peace Doves Exhibition

16th Nov 2023
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Art and Music

Peter Walker’s Peace Doves exhibition was more than an event; it was a convergence of art, education, and community engagement.

As we reflect on the numbers that shaped this memorable installation, each figure unveils a unique facet of the profound impact experienced by over 52,000 attendees.


Peter Walker's Peace Doves installation provided a captivating backdrop for 10 concerts, featuring timeless compositions from Bach to Hans Zimmer.


Inspiring a love of stories and reading, 25 tales themed around nature, time, and the seasons were shared during our Storytelling Under the Doves sessions.


Over 100 schools and local community organisations participated in our Peace Doves outreach programme, ensuring that Peace Doves extended its reach far beyond the confines of the Cathedral's physical space.


A creative team of 105 individuals joined us to create and collage under the Doves, inspired not only by Peace Doves but other works of art within our Cathedral walls.


At our Big Draw Festival during October Half Term, approximately 500 young artists found inspiration within the Cathedral to express themselves under the gaze of the Doves.


A noteworthy 900 people participated in the Silent Discos beneath the Doves, marking a unique cultural experience in a serene setting.


Adding an academic dimension to our autumn exhibition, 1,600 students from the University of Chichester graduated under Peace Doves between Monday 16th and Friday 20th October.


At our sell-out evening sessions, approximately 3,600 individuals had the privilege of viewing the beautifully illuminated Doves by night, accompanied by specially composed music.


In addition to the Doves created through our outreach programme, around 8,000 individuals also contributed paper Doves and returned them to the Cathedral to be part of the final installation.


In total, 15,000 paper Doves were suspended in our Cathedral’s ancient Nave, each one etched with messages of hope, love, and peace.


A symbol of collective aspiration for unity, 25,000 prayer candles were lit during the exhibition period.


Through daytime viewings and special events, over 52,000 people walked through the Cathedral doors to experience Peace Doves.

We would like to thank everyone who came and experienced Peace Doves here at the Cathedral.

16th Nov 2023
News category
Art and Music