Together We Rise

Together We Rise is a major exhibition of artworks from celebrated members of the Royal Society of Sculptors, taking place from 27th June – 6th September 2022.

The exhibition comprises over 30 artworks presented within this 940-year old living place of worship, and across its grounds. The pieces respond to the artists' experience of the pandemic, their resilience, sense of community and collective hope for the future.

The exhibition is curated by Visual Arts Advisor Jacquiline Creswell and forms part of Culture Spark – Chichester’s season of culture in 2022.

Entry to the Cathedral is free, donations are welcome. There is no need to book. Plan your visit >>

Read on below to find out more about the exhibiting artists, their work and creative practice. 

Meet the Curator
Jacquiline Creswell
Jacquiline Creswell

Visual Arts Advisor Jacquiline has been curating exhibitions at Chichester Cathedral for 6 years and previously, Salisbury Cathedral for 12 years, and helped bring this exhibition to the Cathe

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Meet the Artists
Headrest by Tabatha Andrews
Tabatha Andrews

Of Wing and Lift & Headrest

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Martyrdom of The Ten Thousand by Fiona Campbell
Fiona Campbell

Martyrdom of the Ten Thousand

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Bearing Witness to Things Unseen by Simon Hitchens
Simon Hitchens

Bearing Witness to Things Unseen 

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Rising Together by Ian Marlow
Ian Marlow

Rising Together & Rising from Chaos

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Totems for Sanctuary by Rosie Musgrave
Rosie Musgrave

Totems for Sanctuary & Guardians for Sanctuary

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Vessels II by Kate Parsons
Kate Parsons

Vessels II & Vessels III

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Open Eye Cast and Enclosed Cast by Colin Reid
Colin Reid

Enclosed R2032 & Open Eye R2030

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Procession by Mark Richards
Mark Richards

Procession & A Film by Mark Richards

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Hooray by Roger Stephens
Roger Stephens

Impact of Uncontrollable Forces: Impact, Foggled, Hooray

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Three by Jo Taylor
Jo Taylor

Three i, Three ii & Three iii

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Cover Image: Rebecca Newnham, Quercus